Did you know that 80% of Jobs have a sedentary lifestyle ??

If you are looking for a job that involves a moderate amount of physical activity, you might be surprised to learn that 80 percent of contemporary jobs are sedentary or involve only light activity. As a striking testament to changing work trends during the last 50 years, the total of jobs involving at least moderate physical activity has dipped from 50 percent in 1960 to 20 percent today. This is a practical problem for many workers because too much sitting can lead to health problems.

Technology Jobs

Sedentary jobs in computer technology professions include software development, information security analysis, database administration, computer programming, and web development. With technical savvy and an interest in computers, you can develop computer applications, build operating systems, create interactive websites, and write code for video games or software applications. Technology careers typically require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. An interest in computer technology, scripting languages, and debugging hardware is also necessary.

Administrative Options

Sitting behind a desk, greeting patrons, answering phones, and performing repetitive tasks, like filing or making copies, are just a few of the tasks you will perform as an administrator. Job titles in this area include executive secretary, administrative assistant, administrative manager, legal secretary, medical secretary or general secretary. You can work in health care, social assistance, educational services, professional services, or government. While most of these careers require only a high school diploma, some administrative careers, such as those in legal or medical offices, may require a certificate or associate degree. You can also earn certification through professional associations, like the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Important skills in this job include professional integrity, interpersonal skills, organization, and strong writing ability.

Transportation Careers

Transportation careers can include chauffeur, van driver, taxi driver, bus operator, transit operator, and transit bus, driver. Job duties for these workers include arranging to pick up customers, notifying dispatch of vehicle problems, completing accident reports, transporting customers to specific locations, collecting fares, and inspecting vehicles. Entrance into this career typically no formal education. However, you must obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Earning a CDL requires you to meet specific medical and residency requirements, and you must complete the commercial learner’s permit requirements. Since you will spend many hours behind the wheel, you need to enjoy driving and have communication skills to converse with patrons.

Computer, Phone Operators and Distance Workers

Positions that primarily involve the use of a computer or a phone — and there are plenty of them — are classic examples of sedentary jobs. Two of the many jobs centered on these labor-saving tools include telephone salespeople and travel agents. With the increasing popularity of a virtual office environment in which employees work at home, you don’t need to go to the office to sit all day — you can be sedentary in the comfort of your home.


For most individuals who work as professionals, a regular dose of “mental gymnastics” takes the place of meaningful physical activity — courtrooms, law offices, legal libraries, doctors, advisors, entail a traditional sedentary setting of tables and chairs. Lawyers often work extended hours that can require much more than a 40-hour week in a sitting position. This leaves less quality time for adding physical activity to a crowded daily routine.

Teachers and Social Workers

Some sedentary professions involve modest degrees of movement during the performance of normal duties. Most teaching and social work positions revolve around a rigid schedule that limits mobility to a small area. With teachers, moving from one classroom to another does little to provide a workout. One practical strategy to minimize the effects of a sedentary schedule is to rely less on email and phones. Walk down the hallway to talk to someone instead of pushing the “Send” key on your computer.

Creative Jobs

Creativity often occurs in a sedentary setting. If you are painting, writing, or drawing, physical activity is rarely part of your work routine. In professions involving creative types such as artists, writers, architects, and designers, you might need to channel some of your creativity toward shaping how you cope with a sedentary climate for your job. For example, physiologists use the acronym NEAT — for “non-exercise activity thermogenesis” — to emphasize the health benefits of carving out 10 minutes from each hour and devoting the time to bending, turning, and stretching.

As no. of jobs are increasing sedentary lifestyle it’s important to do physical exercise at regular intervals and also to take little breaks in intermediatory hours. Apart from exercising its also necessary that you keep track of your food intake as its quite obvious that while work pressure increases the intake of food also increases to kill the anxiety level.

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